Friday, December 14, 2007

How I Get Paid To Write Reviews matches advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers pay for your time to browse through their website, learn about their product, and write about it on your blog. This process helps them introduce their product or service to your readers.

You can bid on writing opportunities and wait for advertisers to approve or reject your offer. Sometimes, you'd get an offer directly from an advertiser as they browse the blog directory. Once you have agreed to write a review, you have 7 days to comply. Advertisers require certain links to be included in the article and the content to be original. Check the Guidelines page for more details on how to write a good review.

Once you have completed your review and double-checked your work, you need to submit the URL to SponsoredReviews in order to complete the order. They pay through Paypal every two weeks.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How I Save Money On Phone Calls

I have been looking for ways to cut down on my phone bills. I had a landline and a cell phone. I don't really make a lot of phone calls but I have to maintain a reliable means of communication, having a very active toddler at home. I noticed that the phone company charges a variety of fees. I was paying a few dollars more every month despite having an unlimited calling plan.

I have seen a lot of advertisements about VoIP's so I decided to give it a try. I found one that charged around $10.00 a month, when I chose to pay for 15 months of service. I really liked it. The voice quality was comparable to landlines although I was paying less than a third of what the traditional phone company charged me. Unfortunately, the company folded before I have used it for a whole year.

This incident forced me to look for other ways of getting phone service. There are websites that provide free phone calls but are limited to 5 minutes per call. I was fortunate to chance upon this article in a local newspaper about new products in the market that uses the internet to make phone calls. I then ordered this MAGICJACK device. It goes to the USB port of my laptop and at the other end is a phone jack, where I can attach my cordless phone. I can make and receive unlimited phone calls as long as my laptop is connected to the internet. I am satisfied so far. Voice quality is just like a regular phone line. It has features such as voice mail and caller ID included in the package. I paid $39.00 + shipping and handling for the gizmo. This comes with a one-year license to use it. I can even use it to make calls to the US when I travel internationally as long as it's connected to high-speed internet. Isn't that a deal? I recommend it to everyone sick of paying unreasonable monthly phone bills.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who Pays Me To Embed News Videos

How would you like to earn money just by embedding quality news videos in your websites or blogs? The Voxant Newsroom pays members for doing so. There are numerous news items to choose from everyday. Main news categories include World News, Odd News, Entertainment News, Sports News and Sci-Tech News. They are news release from Associated Press, BBC and Newscom among others.

You can choose which news story you like and embed them in your blogs or websites. I also send them as personal messages to my friends and post them in message boards in social networking sites and forums. They are great tools to attract readers and keep them. I get paid every time a news video is played.

You can refer new members by having them click on the "embed" button. You will get paid for having somebody embed from your site.

For more information, click on Voxant.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Is The Sexiest Woman Alive?

Esquire Magazine named Charlize Theron as this year's sexiest woman alive. Past sexiest women alive were Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie. Other magazines such as Maxim and FHM have their own lists of sexy women.

What makes a woman sexy? Does she have to be a size 0 and a 36C/D? Is having full lips and flawless skin necessary? Or will a sparkling smile and an engaging personality suffice?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as the cliche goes. What the society regards as beautiful changes constantly and every individual prefers a certain look over another.

I have created a contest at Sizzlefizzle where you can vote for the sexiest woman alive. The list is far from complete. I'm sure each one would have a different set.

So, who do you think is the sexiest woman alive? Get paid to vote at

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Which Ad-Revenue Sharing Sites Pay

There are other ways to make some extra money with a blog or website for free. I have Bidvertiser ads in addition to Google Adsense, that pay me for every page impression and click. The link to Bidvertiser can be found at the bottom of the page. Payout is $10.00.

Another way to monetize a blog is to copy and paste banners from CPM or cost per impression programs such as Free20 and Itsptp. My visitors do not even have to click on the banners, I get page every time my page loads. It can't be any simpler than that.

A third way to make money off your blog is to add paying links to your pages. For this purpose, I use URL Cash. I get paid every time my visitor loads or leaves my site. For more information, click here.

Monday, September 3, 2007

How I Created My Blog And Added Google Adsense

These days, anybody can earn good money with blogging. You don't have to be an expert writer, nor a computer geek. You don't have to invest money, nor a lot of effort. All you need is a website or blog and a little bit of work.

Blog is short for web log. It is basically an online diary. Blogs provide news or commentary on any particular topic. Some function as more personal journals. A typical blog contains text, although some would have photos, videos, and audio files. Readers can usually leave comments, making blogs an interactive form of communication.

Marketing companies, such as Google, love blogs. Why? They can put ads in blogs for free. Good blogs build a loyal reader base, thus, increasing exposure to ads. It seems to be an easy way to make some extra cash so I decided to give it a try. First, I looked at several blogging services. The popular ones include Blogger, Word Press and Movable Type. Most of the blogging services available are free and simple enough that you can publish your blog in a few minutes. I, personally, use Blogger. It is owned by Google and very easy to use.

Here are the 3 steps I followed to create a Blogger account:

1. I chose a user name, password and display name.
Fortunately, the user name I had in mind was available.

2. I named my blog. Then created my URL.
I wanted a name that will describe the stuff I would put in it. I think I came up with a nice one. I love it.

3. Lastly, I chose a template.
There were really good ones to choose from. I went back and forth with a couple of designs but I am happy with my final choice.

You can take a quick tour at: Blogger: Create your Blog Now -- FREE

I was then taken to a page where I started writing and posting. I played with different settings and formats and I still change them once in a while. I then signed up for Google Adsense. I found it in the Template tab in Blogger and the "AdSense ads" tab was below it. It took a few days for before my account was approved.

The next step was putting the ads in my blog and driving traffic to it. I have other posts pertaining to this topic. Google pays for every page impression and clicks that my blog generates. Thus, a blog will not be profitable unless people view it. Good content and traffic are the basic ingredients to making money with Google Adsense.


Another site where you can make your own website is Bravenetvenet Free Hosting Website - Get Yours at There is a ton of free tools that you can use to make your website appealing to almost everyone.

Check out all the great FREE tools and services that Bravenet offers. Amazing!


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I update my blog as often as I can. I hope this post has helped clear some of your questions about blogging. Now, it's time to follow the same steps and make your own.

Happy blogging!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

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