Monday, June 25, 2007

Which Sites Pay Me To Play

NETWINNER is similar to the lottery. You must select four two-digit and one one-digit number (nine total digits). The same digit may be repeated as often as you choose (e.g., 22 22 22 22 2). Unlike traditional lottery games that pull multiple winning balls from one source for each game, NetWinner pulls winning balls from five different sources for each game. Therefore, balls with the same number can appear together and be winning balls in the same game.

Cash prizes are distributed by check. Your prize will be mailed via U. S. Postal Service to the address you provided upon registration. Thus, only legal residents of the U.S. and Canada with the exception of Quebec, 18 years and older can join.

If someone you referred has registered, whenever they play, you win a 10% bonus on whatever cash or point prizes they win. For example, if they win $50,000, you win $5000. If they win 5,000 points, you win 500 points.

I have already won $250.00 from this site.
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Here is an online game site where you can play for free but win real money and prizes. There are 30 games to choose from, divided in 6 game categories: arcade, sports, scratches, classics, logic and casino. You can play for free up to 15 times a day or play all day long by buying credits. It is open worldwide.

Every time you play
MADWIN, you earn MadPoints. Your MadPoints can be exchanged for cash or great prizes. You can earn more by playing lotteries and tournaments. Referring friends and family will also give you 15% of their daily winnings and 7.5% of their referrals as well. You can buy credits via credit card, MoneyBookers or Paypal. In credit mode, you earn as much as 100 times more MadPoints than in the free version of the game and you can play as long as you have credits. You also get to choose the level you wish to play, enter lotteries and sweepstakes drawings, tournaments, and win even more.


WORLDWINNER has over 20 games within categories including: Cards, Arcade, Strategy, Sports and Words. There are also several competitions types that include: Matched, Survival, Merchandise, Challenges, and Ladders. Both Basic Members and players who have upgraded their membership to play for cash have unlimited access to free games. However, a member who upgrades his membership by making a deposit to fund his account can participate in competitions for real cash prizes. WorldWinner members who have upgraded enjoy many exclusive benefits:

* Access to additional games, such as Hearts and Brickout
* Added levels, boards, hands and content in many of our games
* Access to many different types of competitions and tournaments including special events and megatournaments
* Rewards Points for every cash competition entered
* Access to community features such as eMessages and editable profiles
* Unlimited Victory Points
* Unlimited Free Warm-Up games

Play your favorite games for free or for over $100,000 won daily.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Which Affiliate Programs I Recommend

As an associate, you can earn referral fees when visitors follow links from your sites to and make a purchase. These links can be to individual products, pages of search results, the home page, or any other page at You earn a referral rate from 4% to 10% on items shipped by Amazon or third-party sellers in most categories.