Friday, August 17, 2007

Which Paid-to-Post Sites I Visit

These sites are free to join and fun. I have to warn you because they can be addicting.

1) MyLot

Pays for posting and answering discussions.
Pay depends on the quality of every post by Paypal.
Extra credit is given for rating discussions and uploading pictures relevant to the posts.

Join here:


2) Helium

* Way Beyond Search: Real advice from real people, on a wide variety of topics.
* Instant Audience: Millions waiting to read YOUR point of view.
* Earn Cash: Make money posting on favorite topics.
* People Like Me: Join others passionate about ideas that interest you.
* Be Part of Crowd Wisdom: Be the judge & rate other members’ articles.
* Catch the Wave: 10 million monthly visitors, & growing fast!

Ready to Write? Reward Awaits. Go Helium.


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