Thursday, May 3, 2007

How I Organize My Paid-to-Click Sites

When I started with paid-to-click sites, I found out that I can only make a few cents a day. I quickly realized that I had to formulate a system to maximize my earnings. Of course, the best way to earn from these sites is to get a number of referrals who can click with you. However, it takes some time to persuade others to join and most of them may even quit soon after joining.

I was using Internet Explorer in the past and opening several windows at the same time seem to slow down my system. I discovered Mozilla Firefox when I signed up for Google Adsense and downloaded it. Now, I can have all my paid-to-click sites, such as Clixsense and the sites included in the Global Team Club, along with other sites open at the same time. I usually have two windows with 5 tabs open at any given time. Firefox remembers my username and passwords so logging in consists of just one click. This browser crashes less frequently and there is a "restore sessions" feature so I won't have to log in to the sites again in case it does crash. I also found this add-on that automatically reloads the pages at intervals that I set. Thus, I find new ads as soon as they become available to click. The Mozilla Firefox browser can be downloaded by clicking the button at the left. The add-on can be accessed here.

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