Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who Pays Me To Embed News Videos

How would you like to earn money just by embedding quality news videos in your websites or blogs? The Voxant Newsroom pays members for doing so. There are numerous news items to choose from everyday. Main news categories include World News, Odd News, Entertainment News, Sports News and Sci-Tech News. They are news release from Associated Press, BBC and Newscom among others.

You can choose which news story you like and embed them in your blogs or websites. I also send them as personal messages to my friends and post them in message boards in social networking sites and forums. They are great tools to attract readers and keep them. I get paid every time a news video is played.

You can refer new members by having them click on the "embed" button. You will get paid for having somebody embed from your site.

For more information, click on Voxant.

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