Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Protecting Your Identity

Most of us buy insurance for our homes, cars and personal property. It is also a must to have life and health insurance because medical bills can wipe out all your savings. But we don't usually think of insuring our identity. Don't think you can be a victim of identity theft? You'd be surprised at the various ways that identity thieves can steal your personal information. Click here to take the Identity Theft Prevention Quiz.

Identity theft has become a big problem these days. Nobody is safe and it is often discovered quite late. It is surprising because it doesn't cost much to protect one's identity. provides this service for $10.00 a month. They set regular fraud alerts for clients with major credit bureaus. This is to monitor any changes or attempts to get credit in your name. Clients are notified as soon as there are any concerns. They also request your name and other personal information to be taken off mailing lists and pre-approved credit card offers. That means no more junk mail. Isn't that a great service? Canceling and replacing bank and credit card accounts if you lose your wallet will be done for you as an added benefit. If you do become a victim while enrolled to the program, then they will help recover what you have lost. They offer a service guarantee of up to $1,000,000.00. Wouldn't you be sleeping more peacefully at night knowing that there is someone taking care of those things?

Right now is the best time to give LifeLock a try. There are currently two protection plans available: annual and monthly. Either way, the first 30 days is free. They are also offering a discount of up to $21.00 if you choose the annual plan and 10% with the monthly subscription. Just use promotion code RD17. Click the LifeLock promotion code to enroll now. You can cancel anytime if you think LifeLock's service is not for you. There is really nothing to lose.

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