Monday, May 12, 2008

Almost Instant Payment From LinkGrand

I was really surprised to learn that LinkGrand pays almost instantly upon request. It pays $0.003 for every click and gives 30% of the earnings your referrals make by clicking links. If an advertiser makes a purchase from your referral URL, you will receive 10% of that purchase. I usually get over 10 links everyday. You must have at least $5.00 in your account to cashout your earnings via Paypal. The FAQ section says that payment is made within 24 hours. I received mine within an hour. You can find the proof below.

Dear Gabesmom's Private World,

Garrett Rowland just sent you money with PayPal.

Garrett Rowland is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details
Amount: $5.00 USD
Transaction ID: 41943134NF057444M
Subject: LinkGrand Payout Request: 24816
Note: LinkGrand Payout Request: 24816

View the details of this transaction online
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.


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