Thursday, April 12, 2007

How My Plane Ride Was

What was I thinking? I was on the plane headed to Chicago. I was looking through the window, thinking of what the future holds for me. Will I find a better life in a foreign country? Is it worth leaving the family and friends who love me? Did I make the right choice? Part of me wanted to go back and the other part insisted that it would be fun and exciting.

A few hours after takeoff, the flight attendant comes to check on me. I was getting hungry. She said they will be serving the midday meal shortly. "Good," I said to myself, "that will keep me occupied for about an hour". I can take a nap before mealtime. Then maybe another nap after. Sixteen more hours to go. I had to walk around or else my legs will go to "sleep". So I paced through the aisle, everyone else seemed content to mind their own business.

It felt like a lifetime before the pilot announced that we were ready for landing. We finally made it. A former high school classmate of my mom is going to pick me up. "Now, how am I supposed to recognize her?", I asked myself. "I have never seen her in my life. She moved to Chicago before I was born. Oh, well, if I don't find her, I'll just go back home. That sounds like a good plan. "

I got my suitcase and headed towards Customs. Hmmmm...the officer looked at me and mumbled something to himself. He was obviously not too happy having me in his country. He let me in anyway and I thanked him. I proceeded to the gate, expecting to see a lot of tall, blonde, blue-eyed Americans. Was I disappointed! It was like being in a United Nations convention (not that I've been in one). People came in all shapes, sizes and color. Great! I wouldn't look too out of place in here. Now I wonder how the rest of America looks like.

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